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a Journey of Discovery
(in Words the OTTers Wrote for Me)

(orchestral intro, forty beats, and lead-in for two measures more (with metronome at 2-oh-8, for those of you who have the score) Refresh? It does for sure update the image automatically. (NP10:36) Creation of a new religion moderately frightens me. (NP68:34) So how can we assume that any comic will remain the same? (NP32:29) ... the water level since the Great Expansion up until this frame? (NP248:6) The journey gives the wisdom and the bravery to take the charge, (NP109:11) The rate this thread is going, getting with the Time is pretty hard. (NP113:29) We're given zero reason to suspect it is significant (NP100:17) that Megan might return and they can build together once again. (NP119:26) Is Cueball laying back against the wall and staring at the sky? (NP128:1) That picture was unreasonably large and I apologize. (NP229:18) In all the precious moments of the one true needle-pulling thing, (NP277:14) and Proto-Indo-European Demons' instant RECKONING. (NP165:36, NP181:11, NP169:15) I'm shuffling frames to see if something interesting will come to light, (NP224:15) a universal panacea for the mysteries of life. (NP274:19) A satisfying explanation? That's a Holy Mystery, (NP297:15) and Aubron doesn't correlate exactly to the OTC. (NP465:25) Creating something even deeper out of the experience, (NP113:34) the opportunity to add a Monty Python reference. (NP377:15) Original discussion was around the title of the Knights (NP280:12) continuing to slowly undermine the castle on the right. (NP365:5) I doubt the Inquisition is considered a religious group, (NP301:15) nor every comic that continues endlessly is in a loop. (NP324:7) I wonder, what if Time is a reflection of this very Thread? (NP379:23) I'll read it all eventually, uh wait a minute what the heck. (NP428:18) They're obviously hashes generated on the server side; (NP394:23) I guess we'd love a coloured newpix delta view in Aubron style. (NP414:8) A sinking feeling nothing else about the OTC has caused -- (NP395:9) you're not alone in your enjoyment of the kitty avatars (NP423:1) On topic, yes this is a very interesting development, (NP416:21) more literary than a scientific or computer bent. (NP560:22) The OTT is basically a chatroom with a public log. (NP519:31) She travelled back to save the little trebuchet from being lost. (NP539:36) Already married -- sentiment appreciated nonetheless! (NP416:34) From boredom here is my interpretation of the current quest. (NP454:5) It's possible that Cueball just accused the sea of heresy... (NP515:10) Into the distance, on an endless journey of discovery! (NP523:29)

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