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Castle Made of Sand
"Castles Made of Sand" - Jimi Hendrix

On the beach you can see them build structures of grace As she knocks them down with her trebuchets And now he stands up high all while the sea it starts to rise up and rule He cries, "LOOK OUT!" and shoves her back And then she saves his ass from the big cat attack On the ground she sleeps for a long night scene As the stars roll by and our heroes dream. And their castle made of sand, falls in the sea, eventually. And later on the trail they meet mysterious men, Healed her leg with some goop and said, "Come meet our friend." They walked for miles and when they drew up They saw a fortress full of people and their chief. Teacher told them about the flood to come and tomorrow home and family would be gone. But they wouldn't give up, and started to RUN, Took the maps and didn't stop 'til night. And their castle made of sand, is under the sea, most def'nit'ly There was a young girl whose wisdom was strong She saw the sea rising and knew it wouldn't be long So she worked and saved the castle from drowning and then she floated on by. Tribe pulled her small boat to the sea river's shore For their home and land wouldn't be there no more. One day a land they'd never seen made them shout and say, "C'mon, let's go see what's new up this way!" Their tale really didn't have to stop... they just kept on going. They built castles made of sand, next to the new sea... eventually.

Posted on 2013-07-30 23:56.