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I'm Waiting For The ONG
"I'm Waiting For The Man" - The Velvet Underground

I'm waiting for my ONG Oh where's the newpix? I've been waiting too long It's never early, sometimes it's late The First Commandment is -- Wait for It, and Wait... I'm waiting for my ONG Cueball and Megan, building castles so high The sea is rising, and they don't know why Or if it rains, way out there at sea (And when they look this way, do they see you and me?) I'm waiting for my ONG Time to find out, time to take some bags and go Are there more rivers? Well they just don't know The River's small, the Sea is so Big They'll never suss it out, if all they do is dig I'm waiting for my ONG Now comes the Fading, looks like the End And LaPetite -- is she foe or friend? Does the Sea end? They haven't walked far And does even Megan know just where they are? I'm waiting for my ONG I'm waiting on the sand Tiny trebuchet in my hand I'm waiting here, I'm in such a state So someone tell me -- how long must I Wait? I'm waiting for my ONG

Posted on 2013-05-30 04:04.

NewPage 61 Revisited
"Highway 61 Revisited" - Bob Dylan

God said to Randall, this Comic's the One Randall said man, you must be puttin' me on God said No, and Randall, What? God said, think what you want man but I tell you, there's something novel under the Sun Randall said, when was this anointing done? God said, take a read of NewPage 61 Randall said God, man, what have I done? God said, now don't you sweat it, son I put this madness in alla they heads Now some do this, 'stead of going to bed I'm laughing loud, but to some of them, it's not all in fun Randall said, how long will this foolishness run? You should know, said God, and read NewPage 61 Randall said, I don't believe this, no I do believe it's gotten out of control I only wanted to change it up a bit I'd no idea about this religion shit Now how in hell am I gonna get this comic done? God said, just think of the alt-text, son Just Wait for it, and start at NewPage 61

Posted on 2013-06-10 21:49.

Now Megan's Gone
"Now Martin's Gone" - Tom Robinson

Megan's gone... Megan's gone Thing will never the same again Now Megan's gone I told the beach and the rising Sea Our small River wouldn't answer me I told the mustard, and I told the old tents I told the molpy and the berry fence I told the baobabs, told 'em just because I'd tell La Petite if I knew where she was I told everything in the world I knew Would the people up the River know what to do...? [chorus] Megan's gone... Megan's gone (etc.) I told the camp sites and acacia trees I got down and told them on my knees I told the Time Flies and the raptors too I said oh my and-uh, boo-hoo I told the dunes and I told the flood plains What's she gonna do when it starts to rain? I wish I was back in familiar haunts She's like the Sea, she does what she wants...

Posted on 2013-05-27 20:45.


Tilt-a-whirl, knit 'n' purl Megan and squirpy-squirrel Foraging warily Under a tree. Tame beast, or feral beast? Either way, up the tree -- Madagascarily? Wait, and we'll see!

Posted on 2013-05-27 16:41.